Simple, everyday marketing possibilities.

Since the theme for February is Possibilities, let’s look at the area where most practitioners are most comfortable and see what marketing possibilities we can uncover there: your everyday work, both the hands-on treatments and the routine admin tasks around it.

How can you make those elements of your patients’ relationship with you the most awesome experience possible?

Yes, that is marketing, too! An outstanding, memorable experience is one that’s worth talking about, and you know what they call it when your clients enthusiastically tell others about you…

From scheduling to rescheduling.

Not sure where to start? I’d suggest imagining one client going through the process of working with you, from scheduling to rescheduling. (We are not looking at the initial-contact-making and trust-building phases for now – assume that lovely person has already made the decision to give you a chance.)

Now envision every action she takes in that process and see if you can possibly make it any easier, more pleasant, or more valuable for her.

Maybe it begins with her looking at your website to find out how she can get the initial appointment scheduled.

Is it possible for you to offer online scheduling? Alternatively, how about a contact form that asks for preferred dates and times, and promises for you to get in touch within the next business day?

Next you confirm the appointment. What does your confirmation email sound like? Can you make it more personal, or add some helpful tips for preparing for the appointment? Maybe she can fill out the intake forms in advance, and maybe those could be a little easier to read.

What happens when she arrives at your space? During the treatment or consultation? Before she heads out the door?

Sample awesomeness checklist:

Here are a few details you could look at:

– Is your space easy to spot from the street or sidewalk?
– Does it smell nice?
– Is the temperature comfortable?
– Do you have current, inspiring magazines in the waiting area?
– What kind of tea or other beverages do you offer?
– Do you invite people to schedule their next appointment with you before heading out?
– Do you provide resources for extending the positive effect of the treatment?

When you go through that process, you get to focus your attention on the details of your practice or business and infuse each one with your vision and style. Have fun with it!

{Photo by aussiegall on Flickr.}

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