April 2: Spring Lightning Round (via Google Hangout)

Would you like to join me and a small group of holistic healthcare providers for a marketing support session next Thursday? Awesome.

I have two more spots available, if you’d like one of them to be yours, please let me know via the form below and I will email you the calendar invitation so you can join the hangout.

In case you’re not sure what this is about, here’s the short intro: Once every season, I host two marketing support sessions (called the Lightning Rounds), one here in Portland and one online via Google Hangout so people can join in from anywhere. You can bring your questions, challenges, decisions, or DIY projects to the table and get insights from me and the group, or you can just listen in, share your own insights, and meet everyone.

For all the details about the Lightning Rounds, please take a look here – or just come to the next one and find out how you like the format and the community.