Spring Session Recap

Saturday, late morning. Backyard studio. A little chilly but fine with hot tea and blankets. Fourteen bright and generous people, among them massage therapists, yoga teachers, social workers, a macrobiotics enthusiast, an aquaponics innovator, a dancer, a healthcare tech geek, and me.

And the conversation took off right away.

A few themes that came up in the Spring Session:

Context. Whatever piece you create for your practice, whether it’s a flyer, a title for a new service, or your website, think about how it fits into the whole process for someone establishing a relationship with you. How will this piece be entering their sphere, and where will it take them from there?

Emotions. So important. Someone in the group mentioned that people rarely remember exactly what you said, but they will almost always remember how they felt with you. When you create your piece, what emotions do you want to evoke?

Pricing. I will write about the question of intro specials, discounts, and other pricing possibilities in the next Lightbox newsletter – if you like, you can sign yourself up here.

Spring Session Feedback

Here’s what a few of the practitioners wrote to me after the Spring Session:

“I had a really great time at the Spring Session group on Saturday. It was so inspiring to hear what other people are doing and to connect with other people working in similar ways — and yet so different from what I do. I did like the format, and it was fun to brainstorm with people’s specific challenges, and I thought you did a great job of distilling some take home messages that we all could use generally from those situations. It was like a little marketing class–but with real problems and real connections. It was very dynamic.”

“I love love loved the session!”

“It was extremely helpful to me to hear others’ plans about marketing and their approaches. I think that it worked really well to have two people volunteer their particular situations as brainstorming fodder. It really got me thinking about a lot of the mechanisms behind marketing. Ultimately, you’re reaching out to tell someone about a service or product you feel will be helpful for them, so keeping that core message in mind is extremely important. I think that was my biggest takeaway.”

Summer Session ahead, a chance to connect, and thanks.

So, I think I’ll host another session in the summer. Let me know if you’d like me to tell you the date and place when it’s confirmed.

For now, you can connect with the group on Facebook, right here.

Thanks again to everyone who was part of the session. It was such a pleasure to work with you, and to see you spark connections with each other. Thank you.

{Photo: my own.}

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