The Star Sessions

grow by Creature Comforts

This package is all about growing your business to the next size that’s right for you.

Maybe that means developing services and ways of delivering them that enable you to make a bigger impact for your community.

Perhaps you are making the transition from solo-practitioner to clinic, or, vice versa, leaving a collective to venture out on your own.

Maybe you feel it’s time to up your revenue so you can let go of that side gig and focus full-time on your practice.

Perhaps you’d like to establish yourself as the go-to resource for your specialty, and really step into that role.

Or maybe it simply means filling those open spots on your schedule with clients whom you know you can serve exceptionally well, and who will deeply appreciate what you have to offer.

However you define your next level, let’s make sure to get there in a way that leverages your individual strengths, and that is sustainable and aligned with your very own vision for your practice.

The Star Sessions are a stellar choice when…

You are ready to commit to elevating your practice, and want to team up with me to make it happen.

Compared to my other packages, this one allows for more time for you and me to collaborate and to go more in-depth on the how of your action steps, and it gives you more accountability and hands-on support.

Action really is the key word here. This is not about throwing more information at you – it’s about making decisions, creating, and moving forward in a discerning and focused way that suits your very own vision for your work, your strengths, and your style.

Here’s how it’s structured:

– intake questionnaire
– six one-on-one consulting sessions, scheduled within a three-months period*
– specific action items for you to complete in between the sessions**
– weekly progress check-ins via email or phone (your choice)
– one follow-up call one month after the last session

*We can connect via online video conferencing; if you happen to live in beautiful Portland, Oregon, we can also meet in person at my workspace on Northeast Sandy. I don’t put a hard time limit on these sessions – they typically last about an hour and a half; if we’re in a groove or need some extra time to reach a good milestone in our conversation, I am completely happy to give it that time and energy.

**The weekly progress check-ins are meant to be shorter, with the purpose for you to get support for any action items you have in the making that week. I’d plan on 15-30 minutes.

Your investment


Ready to get started?

Please book a free call with me so we can confirm that this package is the right fit for your business at this time, explore how we’d outline the sessions, and to have a chance to ask each other a few initial questions.

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