June 20: Portland Summer Lightning Round

The next lightning round is coming up on June 20, right before the summer solstice, and that’s about as obvious a message as it gets: half of 2015 is behind you, and there’s still a whole other half ahead. So let’s talk about what that actually means for your marketing.

If you’ve head a great winter and spring, how can you keep your momentum going and build on your successes in the summer and fall – without burning out?

And if your first half of the year was rather meh, how can you refocus and take full advantage of the second half to still make this a memorable, successful year for your practice?

Whichever one rings more true for you, I’ll be here for you with insights, tools and resources. And with a small group of dedicated, generous, and all-around extraordinary people in the field of holistic healthcare. I’m sure you’d fit in great.

You can get your ticket, confirm the coordinates, and also read more about the format of these get-togethers on Eventbrite – the button below will take you there.

Eventbrite - Marketing Support for Holistic Healthcare Providers // Summer Lightning Round

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