Marketing advising + peer mentoring.


Clarity, momentum & community.

This framework is all about giving you a support structure that will finally make it so much easier (and more enjoyable) to market consistently and effectively. Which is really the catalyst to so much of what makes a fulfilling practice possible:

Cultivating a community of stellar clients and allies.
Establishing yourself as a resource and setting your practice apart in a meaningful way.
Smoothing out the ebb and flow in your practice – and, if you like, bringing in more of a flow.
Freeing up time and brain space because you’re not starting from scratch over and over – and because of the momentum you’re creating.
And taking on the projects that will allow you to develop your business into what you really want it to be.

Of course you already know that. And I get that there are completely real and legitimate reasons why, despite that, marketing tends to end up at the bottom of the agenda. (I validated that through personal experience discerning observation.)

Turns out, most of them somehow relate to the fact that we’re doing this on our own.

Only 24 hours in the day.

Not sure whether we’re on the right track, or where to even start. 

Lack of accountability and the occasional high five.

The missing ingredient: support.

Which is what this program is all about. Its support structure is made of three parts.

Individual marketing advising, group consulting, and peer mentoring.  

Here’s how it works:

Each month, you’ll have a one-on-one session with me, shorter check-in calls, and a group Q&A.

Inspired by the current crew, I’m adding another element this spring: a private, well-curated online community for you to stay connected to the other participants.

Together, these components are designed to give you insights, answers, and clear direction, opportunities for creative collaboration, a wealth of resources, and a dose of accountability and motivation.

Here’s a bit more detail about each of them:


Individual Advising Sessions

Each month, you and I will connect to make marketing-related decisions, collaborate on any marketing projects you have in the making, check in on the vision and priorities, and map out the marketing plan for the coming month.

These sessions would be a full hour long each. I’d ask that you set aside an hour and a half, just so there’s some breathing room in your schedule in case it makes sense to take a couple extra minutes to really complete our conversation thread. (No extra charge for those minutes, of course.)

We will meet via online video conferencing (I have that all set up). If you happen to live in Portland, Oregon, we can also get together at in person at my coworking space.

Monthly Q&A Sessions

In the monthly Q&A, I will answer whatever questions are on your mind at the time. You can submit your questions in advance, if you like, and it’s also cool to just listen in and see what’s going on for the other participants.

I am planning on about 45 minutes for each Q&A, typically scheduled on a Thursday morning. In case it turns out another day works better for most participants, I am open to moving the Q&A.

Either way, since they are going to be recorded, you’ll for sure have access to all of them.

Check-in Calls

In between the advising sessions and Q&As, you’ll have the option to book up to three 20-minute-or-so check-in calls each month.

Those are great when you want my eyes on your project, ask a quick question, run a new opportunity or challenge by me, or have me show you how to add that button to your website.

Debuting the Lightbox Community Lab

This is a private community on Google+ (easy to join) where you can keep in touch with the other participants to exchange intentions, resources, lessons learned, and high fives.

There are some amazingly bright, dedicated, creative holistic healthcare providers in this small group. I think you’ll fit in great.

Start time & next step:

I am adding two new spots this spring, starting early April. If you’d like one of them to be yours, simply complete the short application below, and then we can get your first 1:1 on the calendar.

Your investment:

$265 / month. 3-month initial commitment, then month-to-month.

If all this is a yes for you, I would be thrilled to help you establish a sustainable marketing routine this spring, to support you in this next evolution of your practice, and to connect you to other all-around awesome innovators and collaborators in holistic healthcare.

Like exercise, or eating, or really most anything, marketing is better with other humans on your team.

You don’t have to do this alone.

The short & sweet application:

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