DIY Marketing Technique: Filmable Action Moments

diy marketing technique: filmable action moment
Today, I’d like to share a simple technique for evaluating your DIY marketing materials: envisioning a filmable action moment.

If you’re near your work space or happen to have any of your homegrown materials with you, get one of them on front of you. You can pick any printed materials, or pull up your own website.

Pretend to look at it for the first time (easier said than done, I know, but bear with me here) and are generally interested in the topic.

My question for you is this: Can you see yourself taking action on the information there?

Lay out a clear path.

Ideally, your DIY marketing materials should lay out a clear path toward a filmable action moment. Let’s put all the vague ideas about awareness-raising and interest-piquing aside for a minute and pull out the mental camera. What do you see?

Hopefully no confused head scratching.

Do you want that lovely person to click that button, or fill out your registration form? Share your link on her Facebook profile? Forward your newsletter to her friend because that workshop you have coming up would be just perfect for her? Then make it super clear on your materials what is supposed to happen next, and how to get there.

Elements to inspire a filmable action moment:

Here are some elements that might help:

  • A straightforward writing style. Cut out detours and fluff.
  • A minimal, clean layout – limit the number of colors, font styles, alignments, images, and other graphic elements.
  • In combination with the point above, highlight your invitation to take action.

Want my eyes on your materials? Just head over to the contact form and leave me a note. 🙂

{Photo by Jonathan Kos-Read on Flickr.}