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Nov. 18: Mindful Marketing for LMTs

So I’ve got this marketing workshop for LMTs coming up at East West College of the Healing Arts here in Portland

Chances are, if you’re a massage therapist or even still a student, this is not the first opportunity for you to learn about marketing. There was that one business class. A couple articles in trade magazines. Facebook ads from marketing experts. Ebooks. Random friends of friends telling you that you should totally do this thing or the other.
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Sept. 18: Workshop at East West College of the Healing Arts

Workshop at East West College

I’m so thrilled to be invited to offer a workshop for current students and alumni of East West College of the Healing Arts. If that’s you, please join me on September 18! Here is the official description:

Marketing can be like eating your greens when you’re just learning how to cook – you know it’s good for you, but it takes a couple of great recipes and a dose of curiosity to develop a taste for it. If you could use some recipes and attitude to get all the healthy benefits of good marketing, this workshop is for you. It will give you a clear sense of what you really need, what you can safely kick off your to-do list, and where to start. We will also share tools and strategies for getting organized and for working with limited resources. You’ll leave with clarity, inspiration, and actionable ideas for connecting with your people and growing your practice.

A couple more coordinates: You can sign up for this workshop through East West College. It is part of their Professional Growth series, and you can earn one CEU for it. There are 20 spots available. It’s going to be fun!