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Growing a practice without any marketing.

Because I’m all for learning from your peers, I often ask holistic healthcare providers what marketing avenues have been the most effective in growing their patient community to whatever form and shape it has at that time – and more often than not I hear a version of “I haven’t really done any marketing.”

Let’s dig into that a bit today. Because if you have heard that same thing, perhaps you’re wondering how to apply that insight in building your own practice.
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The not-to-do list.

Last week, I led the last of three classes in a series on marketing for holistic nutritionists here in Portland and got this question in the final Q&A: What are some things to put on our not-to-do list? Pitfalls, mistakes, faux-pas, other actions or habits to avoid?
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What story are your prices telling?

Earlier this month I hosted a conversation about communicating value for holistic healthcare providers here in Portland, and then shared a few of the insights via my newsletter. I got a lot of thoughtful, sharp, and genuine responses – which inspired me to share them with you here, too. Voilå!
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