Time to quit.

Let Go by Pinelife

Before you dive into your marketing planning session* for 2013, take this last month of the year to quit** a few things.

Mini Case Study: Educational Talk Fatigue

A couple weeks ago, an acupuncturist told me that for a while her main marketing activity was to give educational talks to the local community. It’s a solid marketing strategy, and she was actually really good at it – people found her talks helpful and inspiring, and she connected with one or more new patients almost every time.

There was just one problem: those talks were no fun for her at all. Just not her thing. She felt stuck – it worked, so she had to do more of it, right? She eventually realized that it was time to quit before her educational-talk-fatigue would start to shine through.

Did she miss out on some opportunities to meet new patients? Probably. Did her practice go under? Not even close. She shifted her focus and found other ways to be helpful and connect with her people that better suited her style.

Make Some Space in Your Marketing Plan.

Are there any pieces in your marketing plan that you just dread every time? If you have done your best to learn the ropes and get good at whatever it is, and you still feel more worn out than energized by it, maybe it’s time to quit.

Kick it off your to-do list. Make some space for your best ideas yet.

*Didn’t have a planning session on your calendar yet? No worries, we’ll get to that in a couple weeks.
** You may substitute the verb “to let go” for “to quit” at any time during this blog post.

{Photo by pinelife on Flickr.}