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Three challenges in marketing for nutritionists, and how to navigate them.

Here’s the gist of this blog post: At the core of everything that makes marketing for nutritionists so challenging are two themes: information and frustration, sometimes related to each other, sometimes to other issues. The way to turn those challenges into fuel for your marketing is to shift your offers and your messaging toward transformation and customization.
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Introducing: Create Your Own Marketing Trail Map

Create Your Own Marketing Trail Map Ebook Cover
Just last week, I officially published my brand new guide to creating a simple, effective, and authentic marketing plan. If that makes you think “Oh, I’d like to have one of those for my business!” type your email address below and you’ll get a free copy, plus free marketing ideas, insights, resources, and advice about once a month. (Of course you can always unsubscribe if your inbox is getting a little crowded.) Read more →

Travelling light.

Playa El Toro, Panama
I am writing this post after waking up to the sounds of birds, and starting my first day here with some coffee, papaya, huevos revueltos, and a walk on the beach. My work and inspiration space for the coming month will be a simple but beautiful and airy room, with views of the ocean by day and an incredible sky full of bright stars by night. Everything I brought with me fits onto two shelves and two coat hangers.

I am pretty excited by that forecaset – because of the escape from the cold and wet Portland winter, obviously, but also because of the simplicity of the whole endeavor.

So that’s the theme I am going to suggest for the first draft of your marketing plan for 2013: What would you carry over into the New Year if you had to make do with only a fraction of the brain space, budget, and time you have available now?

Here is what’s on my packing list so far:
– Meet new people, online and off.
– Tend to my website.
– Care for my relationships with allies.
– Listen.
– Acknowledge the support I receive from my community.

If you’d like some feedback on yours, feel free to send me a note – deities of the internet permitting, you’ll hear back from me within a day.