Here’s an obvious truth that sometimes gets obscured:

There are more people out there needing and wanting help with restoring, maintaining, and enjoying their health and wellbeing than you alone could ever serve. There is also more knowledge out there than you alone can absorb in a lifetime.

In one word, there’s abundance. Below are five ways to let that idea of abundance shape your marketing strategy (and make it more authentic, too):

Give some love to your competitors.
Remind yourself how awesome it is to have competitors with different talents, styles, personalities, and specializations that you can refer to, share the work with, learn from, and be inspired and motivated by. Show them some love from time to time, for example by complimenting them on their successes.

From “best” to “right for you.”
There’s no need to compare yourself to others and make yourself look better on all counts. It just feels weird to me to claim that I am the best at something. There are seven billion people on this planet, chances are, someone else is doing it better. It also doesn’t feel good to talk negatively about others in your field (more in that in a bit). So, let’s just not do any of that.

It’s a lot more helpful if you can give your people the information they need to figure out if what you have to offer is right for them, at this time in their life.

Let your people graze elsewhere.
When you see one of your students, patients, or clients seek support, inspiration, or fun somewhere else, that’s OK. No need to question yourself, or resent anyone else. We sometimes get possessive of our people, but there’s more out there for them to learn, practice, and enjoy. If they go for it, maybe it’s because you sparked a real interest and dedication in them.

If you help others in your field become more successful and look good, you’ll elevate your whole guild. If your marketing materials suggest that your competitors may be lazy, overpriced, or incompetent, it reflects on your whole profession.

There is no cap on how much success you or anyone else can have. Have a blast with yours, even more when you know that you are not taking away from anyone else.

{Photo by Flatbush Gardener on Flickr.}