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March Focus Wallpaper: Plant the Seeds.

This almost-past month, I gave two workshops on marketing for holistic health practitioners, and in both we talked a lot about attitude. Not to go all law-of-attraction on you, but the way you think and feel about marketing will have a big impact on how successful you will be with it – and how much fun you will have in the process. Read more →

Events and Resources for February 2013

OK, beautiful people, I am trying out a new format here: a calendar of select events, classes, and seed-planting opportunities for the coming month. I thought of that after I sent out my last newsletter, which was all about networking for introverts, and I recommended skipping the power networking extravaganzas in favor of low-key, educational and/or fun events where you might just meet some like-minded people. So, here is the list of events that fit that description. Read more →

Introducing: Create Your Own Marketing Trail Map

Create Your Own Marketing Trail Map Ebook Cover
Just last week, I officially published my brand new guide to creating a simple, effective, and authentic marketing plan. If that makes you think “Oh, I’d like to have one of those for my business!” type your email address below and you’ll get a free copy, plus free marketing ideas, insights, resources, and advice about once a month. (Of course you can always unsubscribe if your inbox is getting a little crowded.) Read more →