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Fall & Winter Workshops

What marketing-related topics do you want to delve into before the year is over? I am planning a series of workshops for fall and winter, and would love your input, questions, and special requests. So far, I have three topics in the making:

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May Focus Wallpaper: Grow

This month, look to bamboo for inspiration.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The planet turns around, and when it’s back where it started, some bamboo shoots are almost forty inches closer to the sky.

Since May is the height of spring and everything around you is growing and blossoming, my invitation for this month is for you to aim for growth in your marketing.

Ready to run with the theme? Download the May Focus Wallpaper and go forth! If you want some more specific clues, read on.

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Stories, word-of-mouth, and an undercover space alien.

I recently posted on Twitter that stories tend to get passed on more than plain information. With this post, I am taking few minutes to delve a bit deeper and look at why stories are such great word-of-mouth material, and what kind of stories you might want to tell. Read more →