May 21: Website Confidence! A webinar.

On May 21, Nedra Rezinas of Blue Deer Forest and I are joining forces to bring you and your fellow holistic healthcare providers a dose of website confidence.

And here’s what we mean by website confidence:

• Feeling confident about showing your website – because you know it represents you and your work well, and supports the cultivation of relationships with your current and potential clients and allies.

• Feeling confident about working on your website – because you know how to make those basic edits and updates without fear of breaking something.

• Feeling confident about getting support with your website – because you know how to ask specifically for what you need, and when it makes sense to bring in an expert rather than take the DIY route.

Sounds like something you could use a dose of?

We’d love to have you join us for this webinar. It’s on the house.

RSVP here.

We have already been collecting specific questions and requests from our community; if you’d like to add yours to the agenda, please post them in the comments. So far we know we’ll be covering:

• How to show a video on your website.
• How to add an opt-in form for your newsletter.
• How to change and edit photos on your website.
• How to display and edit events.

See you there!

(Photo by downing.amanda on Flickr.)


  • Christina on May 20, 2015 Reply

    SEO explained. If you only want to write minimumly, how to combine the blog with a newsletter for maximum efficiency?

    • Andrea Bailey on May 20, 2015 Reply

      Awesome, thank you for adding that to Q&A agenda, Christina. Looking forward to having you be part of the conversation tomorrow!

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