Why the name Lightbox?

Since someone just asked me why I chose the name Lightbox Communications for my business, I thought I’d publish my answer here. Link to DIY project included!

There are two types of lightboxes, and I love the functionality and intention of both.

One type of lightbox is basically a cube with translucent sides that diffuses light. Place an object inside, and it will look stellar in a photo. Magazine-ready. Evenly lit, bright, and without a trace of dullness. Here’s how you can make your own from a cardbord box and tissue paper.

The other is essentially a box-shaped lamp that mimics the brightness and color temperature of natural light. As anyone who lives on this planet and comes out from under their rock once in a while can’t help but notice, natural light makes you feel great. Light therapy (which typically looks like hanging out close to a lightbox for about half an hour) stimulates chemicals in our bodies that promote balanced mood, an even circadian rhythm, and more.

So, allow me to fuse these two things into one metaphor, and you’ll get a pretty good picture of what I set out to do with my business: to shed light on your handsome skills, vision, and offerings in a way that makes you feel confident about sharing them with your audiences, and to make working with me an energizing, balancing, and all-around pleasant experience.

(Of course I would have trashed the idea if the word included a th – no level of metaphor-perfection could have made up for the daily strain on my European tongue.)

Photo by Sean McGrath on Flickr.

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