What’s in the way?

What's in the way?
From the Lightbox Communications exclusive series of Good Questions to Ask Once in a While, here is your June episode: What’s in the way?

If Your Offer Looks Good, Check for Obstacles

When people don’t come to our workshops, buy our products, or join our events, we often look for reasons our offer may not have been attractive enough. Maybe the title wasn’t very compelling? Maybe people don’t want another ayurvedic cooking class? Maybe your product isn’t as great as you thought? Those can be helpful questions to ask, but sometimes it’s eye opening to take another perspective. What obstacles do your people have to overcome before they can click your button or walk through your doors?

The Usual Suspects

Common obstacles are: no time, no access, no clarity. Starting with the last one, look at your offer and try your best to pretend that this is the first time you ever hear about your it. Do you get a clear picture of the event or product? Is it obvious why you would benefit from it? How can you join or buy? Are there too many options, details, or exceptions that might be confusing?

Next, how accessible is your offer? Is your event in an obscure location? Are you planning it at a time when your crowd might be busy or simply not available? Are your business hours accommodating their schedules?

And finally, let me make a sweeping generalization and say that most people don’t have an abundance of free time. (Which is really wrong on many levels, but that’s another blog post.) If you are expecting them to scroll down half a yard or click seven pages deep before they have all the information they need or get to say yes, good luck. You might also look at the time commitment you are looking for and make sure it is reasonable.

Clear the Path

Here is what the first steps to removing the road blocks might look like for you:

  • Rewrite and/or your copy.
  • Rearrange the layout of your webpage or print materials.
  • Reschedule.
  • Try a different location.

If you’d like some help with any of those, let’s talk.

{Photo by kBandara on Flickr.}

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