The yamas & niyamas of marketing.

What’s my dharma?

About two years ago, a yogini helped me name my defining action, the one quality I always bring to my work and to every context I enter.

I clarify.

Earlier this week, another yogini called this my dharma. I hadn’t applied that framework to my work before, but it resonates with me very much.

I have an inkling that there is still a lot of depth to the concept of dharma that I haven’t even begun to explore. Where I feel I can start to dig into this some more is the idea of yamas and niyamas – thanks to Kimi Marin, who led a stellar class series on those a while back.

A few of the yamas and niyamas in marketing.

As I understand them, the yamas and niyamas are meant as guides for all aspects of our everyday lives. And if marketing is part of your everyday life, well, I think the yamas and niyamas are pretty excellent guides for that, too.

For starters, if you follow ahimsa (non-harming), you won’t write copy that scares people, or makes them feel stupid or inadequate. I’m sure you’ve seen the sales pages that essentially tell you to buy now or regret it later because you’ll be sick or ugly or do it all wrong. Not aligned with ahimsa.

Or if you respect asteya (non-stealing), you won’t try to emulate someone else’s style just because it seems to work so well for them. Of course it’s completely fine to be inspired by others and to follow best practices rather than reinvent the wheel, just don’t rob yourself of the chance to express yourself in your own way.

Or of you take tapas seriously, you won’t look for get-rick-quick tricks or be discouraged if the marketing seeds you plant don’t instantly bear fruit in form of a growing client base. Instead you’ll be ready to make the honest efforts this work requires, to put in the energy, care, and creativity to build something you can be proud of.

Let’s explore this further.

I am excited to delve deeper into this topic, and I would love to hear your thoughts, too. How are the yamas and niyamas reflected in your work? Which ones do you feel are most important, or most helpful to you at this time?

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  • Kimi Marin on Apr 23, 2014 Reply

    Tapas speaks so much to me…I am always in such a hurry and taking time to work and cultivate my career, relationships, and life is the lesson I am working on right now.

    • Andrea Bailey on Apr 23, 2014 Reply

      Yes! I went to a sauna (another form of heat) this past weekend that had the words ‘allow sufficient time’ painted on the wall by the entrance. Such a good reminder.

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